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About Bad Seahorse

Our team was formed by a group of JPCU students

We created our little development team in late 2018 with the goal of being the first class at our university to finish and publish a game. Shepherd of Light is our senior thesis, and has been the most important part of our university experience. 


Meet the CoreTeam


James Jacobus

He is the producer, project manager, and a co-lead level designer for Shepherd of Light. He loves bringing creative and technical people together to make great games and creating puzzles himself too! He also spends way too much money on Magic The Gathering cards.


Adriana DeCarlo

She is the art director on the project. From character modeling, to texturing environments, she was tasked with developing the visual aesthetic of the game. She has a passion for art and storytelling through video games, and wishes to pursue a career as a character artist. She is also the saltiest Italian in the history of ever.


Matthew Grimm

He is the level designer, environment artist and material artist for the project. His responsibilities ranged from building levels according to design documents to assisting in managing art assets for individual levels. His knowledge with building environments with Unreal Engine helped with completing a finished product. He’s like the dad that had to manage a bunch of little kids.


Sarah Galbraith

She is the environment concept artist, and illustrator. She worked with Adriana to develop the unique atmosphere of each level and assisted with the digital art of the game. When asked what she learned from this project, she had only this to say: “Well, I can draw trees now, so that’s a plus.”


Marie Lilles

She is the co-illustrator and a texture artist who worked on the digital art along with Sarah and textured the level gates. She became a digital artist because she failed an 8th grade spelling test on the word “turtle”.


Phillip Shepherd

He is a prop artist for Shepherd of Light, and is also pretty much Adriana’s art helper monkey. He mainly models environment props, such as walls and pillars and fences, and also helps out with texturing and implementing art assets, or just whatever Adriana tells him to do.


David Sawczyn

He is the animation director and lead animator for Shepherd of Light. He worked on optimizing the rigs and animations for the characters. He wants to make 3D models and animations for video games. He loves Dark Souls, cooking, and long binges of Critical Role.


Dominic Aglialoro

He is the lead programmer for Shepherd of Light. He also helped to integrate art assets into Unreal and create simple particle effects for the game.


Austin Matte

He is an animator on the project. He worked closely with David to get the characters rigged and moving. Resident Canadian, actual human sunshine.

Joshua Shepardson

He is the composer and sound supervisor for Shepherd of Light. He helped craft the musical and audio aesthetic of the game and composed and orchestrated the primary elements of the score, as well as most of the overall score. He’s a bit too humble, often receiving praise for work he brought while saying, “It’s not my best, but at least I don’t hate the sound of it.”

A Special Thanks to all the others who made this game possible.

We received additional help with the score, sound FX, and more from many talented individuals. Thank you all for your time and skill that helped bring this project together.

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